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RY 2015/2016









It only seems such a short while ago when I was still President-Elect. All of a sudden, I find myself President of Rotary Club of Bandar Utama. Although a small club, the past few Presidents have distinguished themselves with quality projects to help the poor and with activities that brought the Club closer together.


I have inherited a vibrant framework from IPP Lily Lee and I hope I can measure up to what she and the previous Presidents, PP Judy Chong and PP KG Tan have achieved. Time is a precious commodity and my involvement with business and other secular projects have allowed me the scant luxury of having sufficient time to focus on what is best for the Club. Nevertheless, things must move on and with a little bit of determination, I hope I can extend the legacy that has been left down by the many excellent Rotarians of Rotary Club of Bandar Utama. I hope the existing members of the Club will provide the necessary assistance to me to foster the ideals of rotary and I hope the new members who will be coming in will add to the quality of the Club.


“Service Above Self” has always been deeply etched in my heart and I hope that the year 2015/16 will make a difference to the life of the people we will blessed. We have started the year well with the “Panggilan Kinabalu” Concert which I co-organize on behalf of Rotary Club of Bandar Utama and the more than RM 300,000 that we raised will go a long way to help the “Malims” of Kinabalu. I have also been involved with the three (3) year Rotary program initiated by Rotary Club of Bukit Bintang for the underprivileged of Monfort Boys home and UniKL. This will carry on and I see involvement beyond parochial lines.


May Rotary Club of Bandar Utama flourish in the years to come.


- Ong Hock Siew -

     RY 2015/2016


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